Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturdays are alright.

I don't mind working Saturdays. No, I even enjoy working some Saturdays. Why? More service desk time, more RA time, more time with caregivers and kids, more time to fiddle with displays, working with our weekend Library Assistant, and then there's Romp and Read in the mornings which makes the children's division seem extra festive and colourful. The day goes by fast. Very fast. The only part I realize I don't like about working Saturdays, is not having two days off in a row which this week is irrelevant since I was off sick for two days. I used to think I really, really, wanted every weekend off -or almost every weekend off- so my husband and I could have the weekends together. Not so important to me anymore. Not because I love my husband less. It's simply that we don't go away as much as we did when we lived in B.C. Really, Sunday is our main day together now especially since the weather is already turning too chilly to go for overnight hikes or even car camping. Working Saturdays feel like a day just for the kids and caregivers. There's not enough off desk time to really get much work done on other projects so I can just enjoy myself on desk.

So. I am healthy. I liked working Saturday. And then there's this coming week: launch of Kids Read, a couple courses, start of signing storytime program (really need more practice - I keep forgetting signs for flower, tree, scarf, ice cream ..they might be left out on day one of the program and stick with the ones I know well: animals, food, some easy signing songs, 'please', 'thank you', 'more', etc. the basics--not that ice cream is not a basic in life. ), meeting about Winter Reading Club webpage.... all good stuff. I just need to keep the vitamins in me. And stop waking up so early in the morning.

Side note: I haven't posted much about the seedy underbelly world of a Youth Librarian because I'm still looking for it. I suspect it's in a public bathroom stall. Doesn't everything seedy happen in a public bathroom stall? Or a street corner?

I won't be posting much about co-workers unless I have their permission so I'm afraid you'll have to wait, show some patience, as I uncover this very secret-apparently- other side of the world of a Youth might not involve a public bathroom stall, or a street corner at all. It might include, let's say, duck taped cuffs of a blazer suit. It might. I didn't say that ever happened. And I didn't say it was me. I already admitted to wearing the crazy tights with shoes. That's as far I'll go this week.

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