Thursday, September 13, 2007


I've been off work due to a standard flu for the past two days. I'm happy to report that I ate a quesadilla and a cupful of applesauce today. I am, truly, on the mend.

I thought by this afternoon I would feel so so so much better I'd work from home, catch up on work I'd missed. Instead, I napped for two hours. Tomorrow -a day off because I work Saturday- I will aim for completing a few tid-bits, as well as checking in again on work email.

Does everyone have the same guilt -slash- poser feeling I have when sick? I always have this feeling that I could, really could go into work, even if puking or barely wanting to move from bed to couch... I suppose that's normal. I'm not martyryish at all about being sick. In fact, I just let it come. And then I get so incredibly bored the minute I feel somewhat vertical.

My mom is a retired nurse, so I blame all this on her (she'll take it). She's very big on staying home and drinking fluids when sick, resting. Yet, she's also the one that would almost never drive me to school because the walk was less than 30 minutes. She wasn't big on driving me anywhere. "A walk will do you good". Side note: she put the fear of motorcycles in me. I tried to date someon in my twenties -twice- who had a motorcycle, both relationships failed miserably because of motorcycle. I just couldn't 'let loose' and go on an eight hour ride up the coast and find it enjoyable.

So I'm on the mend. I'd take flu over sinus infection any day. At least a flu lets you sleep, and has an ending once you have antibiotices see: www.

I do have some concern: I've had a food poisoning, 2 day bout of of almost sinus infection, four day full-on bout of sinus fection, and now 2 days of standard flu. Will I be classifed as sickly? Or, worse, wimpy?

Work notes:
Enjoyed YRCA day on Tuesday. Think the very creative Christine -the Youth Librarian in charge of YRCA- is just a fantastic mediator, truly in a position that suits her, and did give me some newly sparked interest for books I haven't read everything on YRCA. Today, I've been reading Shakespeare's Secret. I like it. I started it awhile ago, but am now glad to be seeing what happen. I don't know if it's that I read too many adult books, but I find so many J books- even really good ones, like Shakespeare's Secret- so predicatable. I kinda don't mind, especially in the flu-ish state. I wonder: do kids mind?

I miss work. I feel like something has happened with Kids Read that I didn't get to put any input it.But, yeah, I've been napping, popping asprin for aches, or wondering if the applesauce will or not make an appearance in the toilet pond for the past two days.

This evening, after a belly full of cheese and applesauce, and a 3 hour nap, I feel much better. I could go to bed right now, to tell you the truth. I 'm just so damn tired from 2pm - 9pm the past few days. I have an hour or two of crap-time in the morning and then get this second energy that dies by noon after I try food.

What do mothers do when they have a 2-3 day flu?

Was this a work post, or simply a sicko-me post? I have been reading YRCA books in between napping and drinking a lot of juice.

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