Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007: Animals Around the World

I'm getting to know Jason Openo (via phone and email). He's past president of PNLA and current manger Whitemud branch . Yesterday I spoke with him about PD day and made arrangements to talk today. This morning we talked on the phone to bounce ideas off each other about his presentation. He had some great ideas once he understood what we were hoping to achieve with PD day. He also had some interesting book recommendations. I like his attitude: upfront, clear, excited.

I booked our room for our next SRC meeting in November and spent a fair amount of time categorizing the Animals Around the World websites with descriptions for WRC since that was recommended at the meeting. Once I had the categories I discovered I needed more sites to fill the categories.

Worked on getting the new batch of Family Language Kits into bins for an hour and a half. That part of the process always goes slower than I expect.

And then it was almost lunch time. And then came a mini melt-down in your office over something so silly as a misunderstood email. I recovered. Hope you did too. I'm alright. Sometimes there's just waves that crash in for a few minutes.

Doctor's appointment went fine although there was a wait and more examining than I would have liked.

Back at work, I attempted Director's Station to no avail because the password Tiina gave me didn't work. I hope it works tomorrow during the session.

Finished WRC websites for Vicky and SRC crew. Started composing letter to SRC contacts re: brainstorming ideas before the sharing session.

And that's the day. I do this so I can look back over time and be able to remember what I worked on when. It should also help me next year when I'm chair of SRC or still on the PD day team.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday, Oct 23 2007

-PD Day logistics and emails
-1/2 hour desk
-Email Ilona about ordering signing DVD and CDs for storytime collection
-Rita: signing materials & websites, some explaining and description of program
-Call those caregivers on waiting list for Halloween party for Ones and Twos since adding 2nd slot.
Lunch -buy cookies for Halloween Party & update this report (and eat! and enjoy the sun!)
-Print out copies of Animals around the World websites for WRC
-1:30-5 SRC meeting: meet with Karna after for catch-up

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, Oct 23rd 2007

Yesterday was my first day back to work and it felt good, really good. In the morning I caught up on email and looked for Animals Around the World website games and information for the WRC site.

In the afternoon I met with 2 incoming practicum students with Kathleen to find out what they are interested in learning at the children's division. After the meeting, I spent the rest of the day sorting through the four boxes of new books for the Family Language Kits then updating the two spreadsheet orders to send off to those interested in the progress.

This morning I reviewed the Make Way For Ducklings Report and then attended a two hour meeting for the 4.1 action plan. Lots of cross-talk. Lots of passion. Lots of idea. A great meeting. This afternoon I will continue finding sites for WRC site, desk for one hour, and then work on the Family Language Kits for two hours downstairs in the workroom. I hope by the end of the week I have a substantial written report about the progress of the Family Language Kits as well as get my ESL storytime plans posted on the staff web.

I'm hoping by the end of